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Eliminate Listeria on Ready-to-Eat Salmon with Bacteriophages

By Jarrod Collinson | Oct 9, 2020

Smoked Salmon processing has inherent risks for Listeria contamination for many reasons. These include the fact that fish enter processing with naturally occurring contamination and that there are many opportunities for cross-contamination. PhageGuard Listex can help Smoked Salmon producers reduce their Listeria risks on the product itself as well as on processing equipment and environmentally.…

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The Most Painless & Cost Effective Way to Train Staff

By Jarrod Collinson | Sep 18, 2020

If you’re like every other food producer, you hate training & retraining! Especially, when it comes to cleaning your facility. Because let’s be honest, if we didn’t have to worry about pathogens posing both a potentially deadly health risk to consumers & destroying products… then we probably wouldn’t be interested in cleaning at all. But…

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The #1 Most Common Critical Mistake Food Facilities Make When Cleaning.

By Jarrod Collinson | Sep 4, 2020

So many questions where to start? …. how about the unlikely….. What is the best rinse pressure for cleaning in the food industry? Many hygiene teams have their own view on what the best rinse pressure is for cleaning in the food industry, but what do you think? Whilst high pressure water produces hazardous aerosols…

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Detect Biofilms & Coronavirus in your facility quickly and cost-effectively

By Jarrod Collinson | Aug 12, 2020

Hygiene in food plants is usually a tricky one, surfaces visually appearing clean and actually being clean at a microbiological level are completely independent, meaning one can occur without the other. Food’s biggest threat is at the microbiological level in the form of bacteria and pathogens. Which are both microscopic and unable to be identified…

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Facemask SOLUTION to a Global PROBLEM – Disinfect & Re-use Facemasks with Our UVC LED lightbox

By Jarrod Collinson | Jul 29, 2020

Download Source Files for 3D Printing Click the interactive model below to explore the design: At SKG we have been extremely busy trying to best protect Australia & our community against Coronavirus. We have led the way conducting Coronavirus Deep Reactive cleans all over Australia in food production facilities and restaurants. Now we are trying…

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How to Minimise Risk of Coronavirus Spreading in Production Areas

By Jarrod Collinson | Jul 22, 2020

In this week’s article, we will discuss how you can use the Hierarchy of Controls to facilitate your thinking and develop sound safety measures/controls to minimise the risk that your facility will have a coronavirus outbreak. The hierarchy of controls is a best practice system for mitigating risk, the top of the pyramid are the…

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Protect High Touch Surfaces – Make Surfaces Germicidal For 30 Days

By Jarrod Collinson | Jul 9, 2020

With Coronavirus on the loose it is critical to take care around high touch surfaces. Ideally, remove or avoid the need for frequent touching, however, sometimes there’s no way to completely remove the need to touch something. The next best options are offer both engineering and administrative controls around the hazard. Don’t worry, I agree…

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How your facility can benefit from the ultimate natural bacteria-killing machines

By Jarrod Collinson | Jun 26, 2020

In this post, we will explore Bacteriophages a.k.a phages for short & how they can be used to kill specific strains of bacteria without being harmful to anything else. Phages are a natural solution to problems we look to solve with chemicals. What are Bacteriophages? As defined by Dr Cathrine Shaffer, Bacteriophages are small, virus-like…

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Internal VS External Cleaning Teams

By Jarrod Collinson | Jun 17, 2020

In the Food & Beverage Industry, cleaning is paramount for brand longevity and success. The industry has several key auditors & regulatory bodies who expect you to meet a certain level of hygiene – which, if not met could see a business penalised or even shut down. When choosing an in-house or outsourced structure for…

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