At SGA our focus is to educate new and existing staff on the intricate details of our clients’ specific business requirements while maintaining the highest level of safety standards.

Our cleaning services are high tech and require delicate attention to detail to ensure our customers are presented with a clean production facility every day.

Our elite training program allows our staff to fully engage in the work they are doing, so they understand what is required and why it is so important to your business.

Through our training platform, all our staff understand the procedures and requirements of your business, and are fully engaged in the importance of the services they are providing.

Our investment in such initiatives leaves our staff with the confidence and knowledge they need before cleaning services begin on your premises. It creates a positive work environment between our staff and your business, enabling us to achieve a greater quality of service from the outset of our relationship with you.

SGA employees can access their online training here

SGA is now offering full training packages for your business. If you need a tailored training solution for your staff visit