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From Conflict To Success: Ahmad’s Inspiring Journey To SGA

by | Aug 28, 2023

This story starts with a man named Ahmad, who was born in Kunduz province of Afghanistan, in 1991. He describes his upbringing in Afghanistan as a good experience where he got to explore the rich cultural heritage and complex history of his country. Unfortunately, Ahmad’s childhood was riddled with political turmoil and conflict as a result of the Soviet-Afghan war, which was followed by the civil war and rise of the Taliban. As expected, these events had a profound impact on Ahmad’s upbringing, he had extremely different experiences and world views than children in a first-world country might have had growing up. During times of conflict, receiving education was difficult, but when NATO allies came to Afghanistan in 2001, they began to open up schools, meaning more children could pursue their education. Schools being facilitated by the NATO allies played a crucial part in Ahmad’s story; without them, he wouldn’t have found his great interest in the English language or computer programmes.

As Ahmad grew older, he enrolled in an English course as well as multiple computer programme courses. After graduating, he got a great opportunity to work as an IT officer in one of the largest commercial banks in Afghanistan, which then led him to get a job as a public Relation Officer in a financial institution in the UAE. He chose to leave Afghanistan because it was a good job offer, but more so because the security of living in Afghanistan by 2014 was becoming worse due to political instability, an escalation of violence, and the reemergence of extremist groups. At the same time, many international combat troops left the country, which made it all the more a dangerous place to live. To ensure his safety, Ahmad made the difficult decision to leave the place where he was born and raised. Ahmad had to say goodbye to his friends, family, and the familiarity of his home. This choice took a lot of courage, but Ahmad had a strong desire to seek a better and safer life. The uncertainty of the future was daunting, but he held onto hope that life would be better moving forwards.

Ahmad stayed working in the UAE until 2018, then moved to Australia in pursuit of a new life halfway around the world. Upon arrival, he felt a mix of emotions, and while anticipation was one of them, he was also understandably anxious about starting a new life in a foreign country. He began his life in Australia by exploring the local surroundings, meeting new people, and adjusting to the country’s customs and social norms. Ahmad described Australia’s society as diverse and welcoming, and therefore it was reasonably easy for him to connect with others from similar cultural backgrounds. As he grew in his familiarity with Australia’s customs, he began to engage in building friendships as well as making work and educational pursuits.

Ahmad secured his first job in Australia at ANZ Bank as a Journey expert/ Business analysis, which was an important step in his career journey. He then became a site manager of a cleaning company that was purchased by Sanikleen. Ahmad greatly assisted the transition of companies by providing his expertise and knowledge regarding the already existing systems in the hope of making the transition as smooth as possible for the organisations involved. The transition to SGA presented an opportunity for Ahmad to prove his adaptability, professionalism, and ability to maintain high standards of cleanliness and organisation throughout the transition period. SGA recognised Ahmad’s dedication and effort, so they decided to promote him to a senior role within the organisation. Ahmad was delighted to accept the position of Area Manager; he saw it as a testament to the trust and confidence that SGA had placed in his abilities.

SGA has been an incredible source of support and assistance for both Ahmad and his family in Afghanistan. The organisation cares greatly about employee well-being and creating a positive work environment, and Ahmad recognised how such things have had a significant impact on his life. Ahmad is grateful for the tremendous support and positive influence that SGA has and continues to give him. SGA’s culture fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment, where teamwork and innovation are highly valued. Because of that, Ahmad has found it easy to connect with others and form good relationships with people who have similar experiences to him, as well as with people who share similar roles or responsibilities to him. This was a great way to learn from each other’s experiences and assist each other with shared challenges in the workplace. For Ahmad, SGA had been a series of great opportunities for growth, both professional and personal. He is deeply grateful for the enriching experiences and the collaborative environment SGA provides.

Moving to Australia and joining the SGA team has opened up many opportunities and given Ahmad the ability to realise and pursue his aspirations for the future. The decision to leave Afghanistan was a difficult one, but his life would be dramatically different without the move, which has undoubtedly opened doors that might otherwise have remained closed. Ahmad looks forward to his future at SGA as well as his future in Australia. He is excited to continue to learn and advance in his work and in his life outside of work. He is truly grateful for everything SGA has given and taught him since arriving in Australia and for everything he continues to get out of being part of the organisation.


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