Australia’s Most Qualified Food Facility Cleaners

Sga are proud to announce, we now hold the highest level of certification in the industrial cleaning industry. Sga now hold five certifications, all of which have a long and difficult process to complete. Sga are the only cleaning company in Australia that are certified by:

  • HACCP – Food Safety Program
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety
  • ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management

Sga attributes our success in obtaining these certifications to the systems and structure the management team at Sanikleen Group Australia has been pushing for over 3 years. The process of systematizing a relatively archaic industry – Industrial Food and beverage cleaning services, has seen tremendous focus of energy and effort. The ease in which we obtained the ISO standards and HACCP certification is a credit to our own internal vision to ask better of the food and beverage cleaning industry.

What this means for our customers

Sga are officially a cut above, as Australia’s highest certified industrial cleaners. This means our customers can rest assured and trust that our business meets the global standards for food safety, quality management, OH&S and environmental management.

Our customers will be beneficiaries of the maintenance involved in the certification process each and every year. Fortunately, as a company we already subscribed to continuous improvement ideology, but renewing our ISO standards will allow external experts to make valuable suggestions, which will ultimately help us improve our business processes and stay ahead of the pack. Maintaining the 4 ISO’s will mean 4 core areas of our business will be improving year to year – outpacing our competitors.

Other notable benefits include:

  • Consistent outcomes that are successfully measured and monitored
  • Stronger Internal management
  • Less wastage – more efficient chemical & water usage
  • Trusted reputable quality controls
  • Reputable reporting and communication
  • Systems identified that minimize mistakes
  • Established global standard is being met

Why these certifications are important to Sga

The certifications represent the core ideals of Sanikleen, and our approach to business, which is disrupting the status quo and actively seeking to improving a relatively stagnate industry through systemic improvements and technology advances.

The ISO standards and HACCP are the industries most broadly recognized international standards, which globally are linked to high product quality and best practice food safety management systems. Having external recognition of SGA’s systems and procedures should give our customers and prospects confidence that our business meets regulatory standards and the national industry standard.


SGA are both excited and proud to have achieved our goal of raising the bar and being the most highly certified industrial cleaning company in Australia. We are looking forward to finding new innovative solutions with these certifications and continuing to improve the business.

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