Celebrating Sanitation Workers: Unsung Heroes Of Food Safety

by | May 14, 2020

The cleaning industry is changing, it is an industry of critical importance to society, keeping both people and business healthy. However, the industry is grossly overlooked by many that do not actually understand the significance of ‘cleaning’.

To the untrained eye, cleaning may be degraded as a service that is not critical to business continuity, although the Coronavirus debacle might highlight just how important the cleaning industry actually is for business continuity and success.

A business with less than healthy staff is an inefficient business. In the food & beverage production industry, cleaning is essential to the brands protection. Near perfect hygiene levels is the expectation otherwise bacteria would overrun facilities and poison their consumers. Listeria, salmonella and e-coli headline a dangerous trio of the most common food-borne pathogens which if left unchecked can be devastating. Hence why ensuring sufficient levels of hygiene is critical.

The cleaners at SGA are dedicated and highly skilled at their craft. They all undergo specific site training via our online training portal and give their best to ensure a facility is cleaned to the highest standard each and every night – A standard which SGA is becoming known for in the industry and one all the cleaners and staff should be proud of.  

SGA want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of our cleaning staff working extremely hard around the nation to protect Australia’s food supply chain. You should hold your head high with pride knowing that you are playing a pivotal role in protecting Australia and its citizens from further crisis.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced cleaners within the top 10 essential services for Australia to overcome COVID-19. SGA is proud to say our cleaners have done an exceptional job thus and we believe at a national level all cleaners deserve such recognition for working a critical job on the front lines, fending off coronavirus and its impact on Australia.  

To all cleaners across Australia, on behalf of SGA, THANK YOU for your service and hard work, it should not go unnoticed.

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Kind regards, The SGA Team