Protect High Touch Surfaces – Make Surfaces Germicidal For 30 Days

by | Jul 9, 2020

With Coronavirus on the loose it is critical to take care around high touch surfaces. Ideally, remove or avoid the need for frequent touching, however, sometimes there’s no way to completely remove the need to touch something.

The next best options are offer both engineering and administrative controls around the hazard. Don’t worry, I agree it seems odd that door handles, flush buttons, elevator buttons, remotes etc are now ‘hazards’ but it’s true… they are frequently touched items & as such have a significantly higher probability for contamination.

So, What’s The Solution?

At SGA we are always looking for solutions on the bleeding edge… and in the case of high-touch items, we’ve got a pretty good one!

SIQURA is a persistent sanitiser that bonds with surfaces for up to 30 days and kills all bacteria that comes into contact with the surface. SIQURA creates an antimicrobial barrier by grafting electromagnetically charged legs made of silene to the quaternary ammonium.

Silene is a molecule containing a silicon atom, which forms a double bond. The silene legs are therefore able to bond to the surface SIQURA has been applied and the quaternary ammonium, which is the equivalent of a spear for bacteria, poping the cells as a sharp object would a ballon – ultimately killing the cells and keeping the surface safe from any pathogens for up to 30 days.

What This Means For Your High-Touch Surfaces

Essentially, risks around high touch items can be completely mitigated from using SIQURA, it’s persistent attributes make the surface SIQURA is applied to constantly bacteria-free. Regarding the coronavirus, this is hugely important as most cases are a result of someone with the virus touching something, leaving the virus on the surface in which it finds its way onto another person and unfortunately without thinking they might touch their face completing the transmission of the virus.

A persistent sanitiser will kill any pathogens or bacteria at the source, resulting in a much safer operating environment.

Equally impressive, this technology works on human tissue, providing hands with persistent protection for 24hrs. The reason it has a shorter surface time on hands is that consistent abrasion will eventually result in the barrier-breaking. For general high touch surfaces the abrasion isn’t significant enough to break the barrier, but our hands whether you like it or not go through a lot in a day.

This technology would certainly help to alleviate many of the pressing issues business’s, transport or other scenarios where surfaces are at risk of frequent contact and therefore increased risk of spreading pathogens.

If you are interested in using SIQURA technology in your facility, you can send us an email at

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