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Sanikleen Group Australia (SGA) Rebrand

by | Mar 19, 2021

Sanikleen Group Australia is excited to announce that we are changing our branding… whilst only a slight change it is more about what it represents that excites us.

Formally, we were known as Sanikleen Group which was abbreviated to SGA as seen on our previous brand design elements. Now we are proud to call ourselves Sanikleen Group Australia with our new abbreviation and branding of SGA.

This shift represents the hard work & focus SGA has had on becoming a National company. With our now National footprint, we thought it was time to reflect our operational capacity in our core brand attributes. This is a new stage for Sanikleen Group Australia, one we are very excited about.

Here’s the new SGA logo:

When you see ‘SGA’ rest assured we are the same company providing the same industry-leading service!

Over the past few years, Sanikleen Group Australia has experienced tremendous growth under new ownership. The last 3 years have seen the Sanikleen Group brand become synonymous with quality. Our industry-leading quality of service has been the catalyst for doubling in size over those short but exciting few years.

This next chapter – the SGA chapter – will no doubt see our core principles of continuous improvement, investment in innovation, health & safety remain the pillars of our company. Keep an eye out in the future for Sanikleen Group Australia (SGA) branding, we plan on storming ahead and continuing to disrupt the industry.

Thank you to our valued customers and staff for helping and supporting us to make such an impact on this industry, especially throughout covid-19 in 2020.

Should you require leading industrial food & beverage hygiene services feel free to contact us.

Warm Regards,

The SGA Team

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