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What It Is Like To Work At SGA

by | Oct 13, 2021

Sanikleen Group Australia (SGA) has been growing rapidly over the last few years under the guidance of a new management team. As a result of such growth, we are always on the lookout for fresh talent and/or experienced personnel to join the ever-growing team at SGA.

SGA operate Nation-wide, protecting the Australian food supply chain from bacterial contamination. We are Australia’s highest certified industrial hygienists and as such our hygiene expertise and services have been highly sort after over the last 24 months. We have been trusted by the DHHS as the go-to for coronavirus outbreaks in food facilities and we are making a real impact as a company for local communities and businesses. SGA’s front-line work offers a sense of pride, fulfillment and meaning for both the company and its employees.

Our Company culture (see more below) is focused on integrity and people. SGA always pay correctly and on-time, we are fully compliant with the award and uphold the law. It is important to SGA that we operate ethically. We care about our employees, so if you have any issues, we will take the time to listen and help.

The work is important – protecting Australia’s food supply chain, ensuring some of our most notable Australian businesses protect their brand and continue to produce great food for people to enjoy. Whilst cleaning isn’t glamorous per se, our employees have the benefit of flexibility around working hours, shifts and sites. We operate all around Australia and in particular, up the eastern seaboard. This means if you want to relocate to the sunny State of Queensland, we can help you transition into work at one of our local sites.

The perks of being an Area Manager includes competitive pay, the potential for a company car – a nice Toyota Hilux SR and very flexible working arrangements. At SGA we don’t mind the hours you work if the job gets done to a level that yourself and the company can be proud of. Area managers are the most flexible, but also need to have the capacity to contribute and lead whenever they might be needed. If you are a strong communicator and an enjoy interacting with people, you’ll thoroughly enjoy a management position at SGA.

How Is SGA’s Company Culture?

Since coming under new management in late 2017 the company has retained our loyal customers and great staff but revamped all systems. The overhaul has seen a great change in the working culture at SGA, a dynamic management structure empowers employees and improves organizational agility. As a company SGA are always looking to implement new technology as we subscribe to the philosophy of continual improvement. Given our line of work and the industry, we are intently focused on safety and supporting the health of our employees both mentally and physically.

SGA promote a culture that fosters leadership with a strong focus on people. We are invested in your personal development, skillset, and growth. At the rate SGA is growing we often look to develop people for new opportunities and promotions to managerial positions. In our twenty years of business, we have seen various cleaners rise the ranks to become Site Managers and Area Managers. In an industry known for high employee turnover, we invest in our employees, make them feel part of the team and offer them great growth opportunities and perhaps most importantly, we respect them as people, and in turn they respect us. Hence, why we have so many long tenured employees and our turnover is low.

Our focus on people means SGA is a workplace that is dedicated, committed, and focused on our team first. This includes offering wellness perks, training and education, rewards, and appreciation. We believe in communication and practice effective communicating on Slack – an powerful application that houses our internal communications. Additionally, we are always looking to make life as easy as possible for our employees, underpinned by our intuitive rostering and time in attendance software. We encourage team connection and invest in team bonding activities. At SGA we also recognize the importance of a work/life balance and provide various shift opportunities, which allows more flexible working arrangements supporting your needs to live life on your own terms.

SGA’s Company Values

At SGA we value a few key character traits in our management teams, namely:

  • Integrity – Operating within the law and upholding the highest standards of accountability and respect for people is most important to us at SGA.

  • Customer Commitment – We develop strong relationships with our customers built on integrity and quality to positively impact our customers business.

  • Quality – Provide an outstanding service for our customers and protect the Australian food supply chain and our great Australian businesses with pride and passion.

  • Teamwork – We work together, support each other and have our colleagues best interests at heart. Together sharing our skill and expertise we can create the best environment for success.

  • Accountability – We all realize the importance of our work and hold ourselves accountable to deliver on commitments.

If working for a fast-growing service-based company with a great crew of people and flexible working arrangements sounds like something you’d be interested in, we would be happy to hear from you. If you value integrity, quality, and teamwork you could be a great fit. If you are a strong communicator, experienced or passionate about the industry then you could make a great manager. With our pipeline of new work bursting at the seams we have plenty of growth opportunities around the corner.

If you are interested in a position at SGA, please send an email to

Stay Safe,

The SGA Team

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