3 Myths About COVID-19

by | Apr 14, 2020

You may have seen a lot of advice popping up on social media regarding the Coronavirus. At SGA we are all about the facts. So, let’s discuss some of the myths circulating online at current:

1. Drink lots of water

You might have recently heard something along the lines of ‘Not only is water consumption critical for general health but drinking water consistently will help wash away the virus if it is sitting in the back of your throat where gastric acids will destroy it’. This was disproved recently by a University of Queensland when they called on medical experts to fact check information regarding ‘washing the virus’ down into your stomach, the biological nature and size of the virus make it very unlikely that you’ll successfully wash it completely out of your mouth and no gargling saltwater, lemon or garlic will not help!

Furthermore, UNSW professor in virology and molecular biology – William Rawlinson told AAP Factcheck that COVID-19 particles are “too small to wash away”, in addition infection can occur through the eyes, nose and throat.

2. Antibiotics are effective against COVID-19

The World Health Organization has warned against the use of antibiotics against a virus. They stated that antibiotics can only kill bacteria and have no effect on viruses and for that matter consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol will not kill the virus and perhaps just lead to a headache the next day. The lesson that can be learnt from this… home remedies will most likely knock you off before the virus. Your best bet is to stay safe practising hygienic behaviour and wait for the medical professionals to do their thing.

3. Drink lots of hot liquids

You may have also come across other information such as – the Coronavirus struggles with high temperatures and heat, so having a hot tea, coffee or maybe a little soup with lunch is an effective way to combat the virus. Whilst it would be a very tasty way to fend off Coronavirus – it’s not viable as the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) discovered. Whilst heat at very high levels can kill the virus, unfortunately, you wouldn’t fair to well either.

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